Sunday, August 26, 2007


Lance Armstrong was on Meet the Press this morning talking with Tim Russert. He was pitching his Cancer Forum where he is challenging presidential hopefuls to take a stand in the fight against cancer. Obviously he is a wonderful activist and spokesman for the cause.

Tim quoted him as saying that he could never have won a single Tour de France without cancer.
“It gave me a chance to re-evaluate my life and my career. Cancer certainly gives things a new perspective. I would not have won the Tour de France if I had not had cancer. It gave me new strength and focus.”

I've read his books. But this time the power of challenge rings more true. I'm in the middle of leading a very talented crew through some tough professional challenges. And I can see them getting better every day because of it. We may have bitten off more than we can chew at times, but we are becoming very good at meeting those challenges and creating better than expected results.

Sometimes I lament the situation we have been thrust into. But great things happen when we dig in and take the challenges head on. I am more and more often being pleasantly surprised at what we are able to pull off.

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