Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What you can learn from Apple’s marketing | Balcom Agency

A lot of marketers want to knock it out the park - they want the next iPad or iPhone or iWhatever. But most aren’t willing to do what it takes to get there. After being an Apple fanboy (even appearing on CNN after the iPad launch), I decided to put together a list of things Apple does better than anyone else:

Make Great Products
This may seem very obvious, but Apple makes the best products. Notice how I didn’t say they are the most feature-rich — they aren’t. But they are the best. Apple products are just as amazing for the things they don’t include, than the features they do include.

These exciting products get millions in free media placement, including a recent episode of Modern Family. Apple created the buzz with the iPad, Modern Family wrote a whole episode around it. 

Launch with a bang
At the iPad launch, the Fort Worth Apple Store felt like Times Square on New Years Eve. They had store cheerleaders, free refreshments, and a giant countdown. The excitement was contagious and made the sticker-shock less shocking.

They keep a good secret
The unknown is always more exciting. The build-up gets customers guessing and the media talking. All of this equals a giant win for Apple.

It’s all about the experience
Have you ever been to an Apple store? If not, drive to one now. You’ll notice many difference than a Best Buy, for example. No cash registers, no security and tons of smiling employees eager (not desperate) to help. Even the unboxing of an Apple product can be a religious experience.

Treat your customers like a King (or Queen)
Have you ever had a problem with an Apple product? Their customer support is incredible. I’ve gone through over 10 iPhones due to different reasons, and they’ve replaced them free-of-charge. 

They own the web
Apple has always had one of the best websites on the net. Their site is a lot like their products - extremely useful and intuitive. It isn’t flashy, but gives you the information you want as quick as possible. Apple.com has continued to be tweaked, but has never deviated far from its roots. 







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