Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad: The Computer for Somebody Else |

Being a long-time Mac user I watched with millions of others as Steve Jobs introduced us to the iPad. It was pretty much as expected using the iPhone platform to deliver a tablet experience with no keyboard. Everything about the product makes sense in terms of it being a device for casual use of the Internet (email, facebook, etc.) and a dispenser of iTunes (needs a new name now) content (movies, music, books, apps, etc.).

Will they sell millions? Yes. Will I buy one? Most likely not in the near term. It simply does not add enough value between my MacBook and my iPhone to justify being another object in my life. So from my perspective it is a product for "somebody else". Somebody that does not have a MacBook, somebody that is not a consultant by day creating complex documents and power using the Internet and a mobile DJ with a 500G music library to haul around at night.

Then who is this "somebody else"? These people are the ones that iTunes and Facebook have brought to the Internet and computers. These people have to be connected to maintain their connections to their friends and families. They listen to music, watch movies, exchange emails, they tweet and look at pictures on the web. There are milions upon millions of these folks out there. But they are not me. I build media centers out of Mac Minis, have terabytes of media, and maintain 10 web sites and 3 social networks.

So I do think it will be a BIG money maker for Apple. It's a true consumer product... for some other consumer.

The Macintosh was labeled "The Computer for the Rest of Us" back when it was introduced in 1984. Today they went back and picked up the stragglers.

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GreenComotion said...

Hey Mike,
Nice post about the iPad. I would love to see one in person, perhaps at the Apple Store.

Did you see this video on my blog?

If time permits, please check it out. I won't be surprised if you knew of Pranab Mistry already.

Peace :)