Friday, November 20, 2009

YouTube blocking native video API from TV devices | Electronista

YouTube drew controversy with word this week that it has begun limiting the use of its native video API on devices. Reflecting new terms of service, any device that connects to a TV must have a license from YouTube to get fully native video support. The move will ban smaller-scale devices like the Popcorn Hour C-200 from directly accessing YouTube videos, although it will still allow them access using Flash.

The move will restrict TV viewing to devices from companies that can afford the license, such as the Apple TV, TiVo DVRs and a growing number of TVs. iPhones and other handhelds aren't covered by the ban.

No explanation has been given for the reversal of policy, although YouTube has increasingly allowed long-form videos and has been striking deals with major content providers that themselves have attempted to ban video playback from digital hardware connected to TVs to protect deals with cable and satellite providers. Boxee has repeatedly been excluded from Hulu for this reason despite Hulu's own support of the TV-friendly media interface. [via Engadget]

Now this is just a mess. Figures that I get rid of cable and satellite and then the YouTube and Hulu start to get all freaky over where I consume bits. They were also (not so long ago) pioneers and outcasts. Now they are media companies.

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