Friday, November 6, 2009

Ultracentric Race at Northshore | DORBA

Normally, as President of DORBA, I am writing to help promote and advocate cycling events and activities in our area and on the trails that our members volunteer to build and maintain. It’s a big part of what we are about as an organization. However, when an event threatens to make the relationship between a landowner and DORBA more problematic, and could threaten public access to that trail in the future, as an organization we must take a strong position against those type of events.

Recently “The Ultracentric Experience” was a thread started to promote an event being held on the Northshore trail. The feedback on last year’s event and promoter went downhill fast with many of our members claiming mismanagement of the event and even unpaid winnings to those that were promised such. In many cases this can be attributed to “misunderstandings” or “sour grapes” and many of those issues were handled and resolved by the Race Director. However, there were some things about this situation that caused us to have even deeper concern about this event.

When an activity is held on a DORBA maintained trail and with a landowner (in this case the Army Core of Engineers, ACOE) that DORBA has diligently worked to create a long standing and positive relationship with, as an organization, we cannot condone any activity, event, or race that does not have the following in place:

1. Written permission from the landowner in the form of a permit or other document,

2. Written proof of insurance for hosting the event, and copies of that insurance in the possession of the landowner and DORBA,

3. A written plan to help and assist DORBA Trail Stewards in the repair efforts to bring the trail back up to conditions prior to the event.

Additionally, any public claims of sanctioning by USAC or other sanctioning bodies, when that sanctioning does not in fact exist, could also reflect poorly upon DORBA because of our relationship with USAC, even though DORBA has nothing to do with the event.

I think it is important to bring these to your attention as there has been a lot of discussion about the Ultracentric Experience event being held at the Northshore trail. DORBA is not in any way affiliated with this event, nor will be in support of any event that does not have a minimum of the above listed criteria in place.

As the organization that is responsible for the stewardship of the Northshore trail, we do have a vested interest in how events are run. I and the Board both felt that it was important to communicate this to you as members and volunteers that help to keep public access to the Northshore trail available and as a destination location for the North Texas community. Our primary mission is to provide for the enjoyment of trails and land access for our members and the public. The current state of this event poses a threat to that mission.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


President, Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association

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