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Aug 29 2009

Tired of Being Your Parents IT Support?

by Ryan Northcott


I have a small and nagging problem. It’s my mother, and her utter lack of any expertise with the computer…bless her heart. You see, she’s stuck in the Windows XP world, waiting too many minutes to start up the machine and the constant crashes, bog downs and useless crap. It’s no surprise that many of you have this same problem, the late night calls, the early morning rants – “It said I couldn’t connect to the wireless network?”

“No, Mom, you’re trying to connect to someone else’s.”

So we, as Generation Me (ugh, that’s disgusting isn’t it?) have to come to the rescue and no doubt interrupt our Twittering and Facebooking to solve the complicated issue. How do we do it? As a PC user for all my life, I came to a realization. Now I’m no Apple Fanboy, though I have do have a large love affair with Logic, Final Cut, Soundtrack Pro and Motion. Yet the solution is true…

Get your parents a Mac.

I know, I know, you think I’m crazy. How will they live? How can they survive without right click? How will they know where the buttons are!? Ahhhh! Dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria! But really, it’s not that at all. When Apple says they work, they do indeed, just work. I’ve never had my MacBook Pro crash, never had it freeze, have updated seamlessly and run the crap out of it. In fact as I write this I’ve got Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Logic and Dreamweaver open and running as smooth as you can imagine.

Recently Apple released Snow Leopard, the next step in the OSX world. So not only did they go ahead and make something that was already fairly awesome awesomer, they made it cheap. $34 CAD. Here’s a few things Snow Leopard improves on:

1. Malware Protection. If it thinks it’s malware, no dice, it’ll tell you.
2. Better Docks. Yup, no more bendy big long list.
3. Automatic Printer Drivers. No more searching for the elusive driver.
4. Exchange Support. What does this mean? It means all those business guys in the Outlook mail world can do it on a Mac.
5. Faster performance. Applications open faster, work is faster and logging on and shutting down are simple and quick.

With all this in mind, why would anyone stick to Windows? Well, that’s a tough one. A really tough one. They suck, let’s face it and I’m saying this as a life long Windows user.

So it’s time we all got together, prepared for the intervention and got our folks off PC. Not only to save our parents from Windows, but save ourselves. Heck, if they’re so hellbent on Windows, you can get them Parallels, which’ll run Windows on a Mac. Yeah, it’s that good. It may even turn those IT working sessions into a fresh beer and a burger, courtesy of Mom.

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