Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Long way Home

Yesterday was my 9th day of commuting to my new job (more on that later). I stayed a bit late to hang with some of the folks from the office down in the bar downstairs. About 6:45p I went back upstairs, changed into my bike clothes, then headed out the door towards home. As I rode up the Katy Trail about half way I heard "Hey, Solo!" coming from a pack of riders coming toward me in the opposite direction. It was my normal "TNSS" crew out on an urban ride since the trails are way too muddy to ride.

It was great to see those guys and they insisted that I turn around and join them. We ended up doing about 20 miles through downtown and over the Trinity a couple of times. We finally ended up at The Tipperary Inn , a local Iris pub and continued the tradition of Tuesday Dipshitteri. Becky joined us later and gave me and my bike a ride home.

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-S- said...

I saw your bike path on I also work in the Infomart (NTT/Verio) and have been thinking about bike commuting. I was wondering where you store your bike. Do you have room in your office or is there somewhere secure in the building?